Mentorship Program

The ITASA & TAP Mentorship Program is a collaboration between ITASA and our partner organization, TACL (Taiwanese American Citizens League) to help provide Taiwanese American college students with mentors in their fields of interest. Students are paired with a mentor from local participating TAP chapters based on similar career paths and personal interests.

Through the ITASA & TAP Mentorship Program, mentees will develop professional connections, broaden networks, and have access to professional and personal guidance from Taiwanese American professionals who have walked in their footsteps. The program will give students the opportunity to foster connections in the greater Taiwanese American community beyond ITASA.

Please email ( for more information about our programs.



ITASA & TAP-Boston 

Contact information about TAP-Boston 2017-18 will be posted here soon!


Contact William Wang (, Tri-State District Governor, for more information.


Contact Sherry Chiu (, DMV District Governor, for more information.


Contact Alice Hsu (, NorCal District Governor, for more information

Leadership Retreat

ITASA Leadership Retreats bring together current and aspiring student leaders from different college campuses to develop leadership skills, network, and collaborate on intercollegiate events. We provide attendees with the tools to be successful leaders such as team-building, event planning, and communicating effectively, in addition to creating an open forum to share the challenges, successes, and concerns of leading their campus organizations.

Through these workshops, forums, icebreakers, and team-building exercises, we aim to foster a strong community of Taiwanese American leaders. Leadership Retreats also allow attendees to learn more about ITASA and its opportunities, as well as ways to get involved.

Fall 2014 Retreats:

East Coast

West Coast | UC San Diego
October 25, 2014
Register here:
Facebook event:


East Coast | Princeton University
November 8, 2014
Register here:
Facebook event:


Midwest | Northwestern University
November 22, 2014
Register here: 
Facebook event:

District Events, Mixers, and Resources

ITASA is where you are. Our ever-expanding national network is composed of multiple districts in each of the three major regions - the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. Each district is led by a District Governor who works with Taiwanese American student organizations on individual college campuses to plan district-wide events and mixers, as well as support the endeavors of the participating schools.

These districts are at the core of ITASA’s mission and we hope to provide each Taiwanese American student with the resources they need to succeed and embrace their identity. Each district is a tight-knit community that comes together multiple times a semester for mixers, retreats, conferences, and events at various locations. In the summer, these groups are active and available as resources for those participating in internships or just visiting. Connect with our districts at their Facebook groups listed below!

Contact Yen Ting (, National Vice President, for more information if you would like your school’s TASA to get involved.


ITASA: New England Events, Mixers, and Resources 

Contact Tiffany Chen (, New England District Governor, for more information.

ITASA: Tri-State Events, Mixers, and Resources

Contact Franklin Jeng (, Tri-State District Governor, for more information.

ITASA: DMV Events, Mixers, and Resources 

Contact Eshane Wang (, DC-Maryland-Virginia District Governor, for more information.


ITASA: Midwest Events, Mixers, and Resources 

Contact Andrew Tsai (, Midwest District Governor, for more information.

ITASA: Texas Events, Mixers, and Resources 

Contact Mimi Lie (, Texas District Governor, for more information.

ITASA: NorCal Events, Mixers, and Resources 

Contact Jennie Chang (, Northern California District Governor, for more information.


ITASA: SoCal Events, Mixers, and Resources 

Contact Sophie Chiu (, Southern California District Governor, for more information.


ITASA: Mixers in Taiwan 

Contact Austin Ko (, National President) or Yen Ting(, National Vice President, for more information.

College Workshop Series

College students from all over the country make up the ITASA network, all contributing their own valuable knowledge and perspectives. ITASA College Workshops are offered for any high school students who want to learn more about the college admissions process from both keynote speakers and current college students from our ITASA network.

Attendees and their parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about academics, student life, and the experience of being a Taiwanese American in the collegiate setting. We aim to provide high school students with resources for their college applications and to be active members of the Taiwanese American community.

College Workshops:

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Gaithersburg, MD \\ Gaithersburg Chinese School
15800 Quince Orchard Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Contact Christina Tseng ( for more information

Saturday, April 4, 2015 \\ 1 - 5 PM
Philadelphia, PA \\ University of Pennsylvania
Houston Hall - Benjamin Franklin Room
Register Here:

Saturday, May 16, 2015 \\ 9:30 AM  - 6 PM
Los Angeles, CA \\ University of California, Los Angeles
Royce Hall
Register Here:
Registration Fee: $10 ($12 on-site)
Contact Cheryl Lee ( for more information.
Sunday, May 10, 2015 \\ 3 PM
Rockville, MD \\ Washington School of Chinese Language and Culture
Wootton High School, 2100 Wootton Parkway, Rockville, MD 20850
Contact Christina Tseng ( for more information

Footprints Scholarship

This scholarship was created to provide a platform for students to share how they came to find their Taiwanese American identity and how it has influenced the person they are today. Each year, we ask students to answer a question in whichever way best expresses their thoughts - through art, video, music, or writing!

Footprints is a project created by ITASA’s Philanthropy Department to provide financial support to both high school and college-aged Taiwanese Americans. Through Footprints, we hope to engage students with their Taiwanese American culture and identity, as well as connect them to the growing Taiwanese American community at large. Visit for complete details.

2015 Prompt:

To be announced in Spring 2015

Submission Dates:

High School Students: To be announced

College Students: To be announced

Contact Albert Jiao (, National Philanthropy Director, for more information.


Demographics Survey

ITASA is taking a survey in order to collect information to be able to have a better understanding of the population of Taiwanese Americans/Chinese Americans/Chinese across the United States. With this information, we'll be able to have a better idea of the backgrounds people come from and updates on individual schools' TASAs.

Please take the time to fill this out thoroughly! Then, help us spread the survey by posting it on Facebook and social media sites, and sharing it with your friends and family. Thanks!



 ITASA is happy to present its annual Internships & Opportunities Guide for Summer 2015. This guide includes various programs and openings for Taiwanese Americans or Asian Pacific Americans. 

If you're a student with any questions, or a program coordinator with submissions for this publication, please contact us at

ITASA Summer 2015 Internship Opportunities Guide